25th Rubithon 2013

25th Rubithon 2013
Mudrak's Double Locker Run
Toyota Land Cruiser
IMG 0002  Mudrak leads the Double Locker run up the Old Sluice. IMG 0003  Taking the left line over the VW rock. IMG 0004  Digging 42-inch holes at VW rock. IMG 0005  Nothing easy about this line.
IMG 0006  Working the 42-inch Pit Bull Rockers. IMG 0007  Mudrak's Custom Land Cruiser FJ45,  roof top tent, solar panel and an espresso macchiato. IMG 0008  Tight squeeze. IMG 0009  Looking good.
IMG 0010  Another squeeze, wacthing the roof at the driver's door A-pillar. IMG 0011  Without room to spare. IMG 0012  Driving Mr. Daisy IMG 0013  Dave and John taking the right line up VW rock.
IMG 0014  Tough climb out of the hole. IMG 0015  Finding the right line with the strecthed Land Cruiser FJ40. IMG 0016  Custom Hummer portals make for plenty of clearance for the differential. IMG 0017  Woody captures the action as our leader waits up the trail.
IMG 0018  Finding the transfer case skid plate. IMG 0019  Yep, that's a turtle. IMG 0020  Slipping left isn't going to help. IMG 0021  The chauffeur's fedora makes the difference and some traction is found.
IMG 0022  Looks like it might get a little tippy. IMG 0023  Mr. Daisy isgoing to watch this manuever from outside the passenger seat. IMG 0024  Wheels on the ground and open trail ahead. IMG 0025  Hanna sped up through the VW rock on left line.
IMG 0026  Ken bicyclesSherman through the squeeze. IMG 0027  Back on the ground on the perfect line. IMG 0028  Tight trail continues. IMG 0029  Paul takes on the big rock.
IMG 0030  So close, yet so far... IMG 0031  Climb baby climb! IMG 0032  Looking for traction, just need a little more. IMG 0033  Beautiful trail, don't forget to enjoy the scenery.
IMG 0034  Perfect line just need a little more traction. IMG 0035  A little help from friends is all it takes. IMG 0036  Paul Decker flexing the 4Runner on the Old Sluice. IMG 0037  Perfect line for the next squeeze.
IMG 0039  Jeff's not afraid to take his custom hilux off-camber. IMG 0040  Awesome wheeling.  Dustin approves! IMG 0038  HQ Motorsports Custom FJ40 on the trail. IMG 0041  Ken heads up the wide open trail - without a clutch.
IMG 0042  Rubicon Springs Base Camp. IMG 0043  After a tires in the air  ass over nose endo flop on the granite slabs. IMG 0044  Brett's Custom Overlanding machine. IMG 0045  Custom everything.  Function over form or form over function, you decide, I can't.
IMG 0046  Three days of peace, love and Land Cruisers. IMG 0047  The wagon camp, can you smell the BBQ? IMG 0048  45Kevin's trail proven Land Cruiser.  Oh Canada! IMG 0049  The Iggy and Piggy mobile.
IMG 0050  Hanging at the springs with Luke and family. IMG 0051  Souvniers for Kevin. IMG 0052  The Thursday run arrives at Rubicon Springs. IMG 0053  Something's burning...
IMG 0054  I smell bubble gum. IMG 0055  Dale should have been a crop duster. IMG 0056  FZJ80 wagon's chilling by the river. IMG 0057  Wagon's rule the springs.
IMG 0058  Stack 'em up. IMG 0059  60 Series IMG 0060  Boydo's trail proven Das Beast. IMG 0061  Obligatory camp repairs under watchful eyes.
IMG 0062  Yep, that's a piece of scrap angle iron welded to a tie rod end. IMG 0063  Sethzilla thrilled to have the busted knuckle studs removed and replaced.